Update 2 (version 1.05)

Mainly another round of fixes in this update, we've been patching the servers in the background but these latest changes have meant that the game clients need updating too. We've not had a lot of sleep the last few days, but it's been worth it!

So if you have the game on your PC we advise deleting it and downloading it again. 

We've done away with the setup version because it has problems with the new patcher, so it's just a case of downloading, extracting the game somewhere and making yourself a shortcut to the 'ZB Patcher'

We've also added a few extras. 

I remember patching the server, logging on for a quick test with my pretty little lass with her pink pigtails and discovering other players had beat me to it. So I gleefully bounded over to say hello only to get shot in the face.


It's good to see people getting into the post-apocalyptic spirit, but it strikes us that Players should have control over whether or not they want to fight others so we've added a 'Pacifist' option in the menu. It's turned on by default and you get a green ying/yang symbol above your head indicating that you can't kill other players or be killed. 

You can opt into PvP, but can't shoot Players that have opted out. Obviously some might try and abuse that, so there's a short cooldown when toggling PvP off.

Come and say hi in our Discord channel.

Here's the rest of the changes made, enjoy! 

  • Added: New external patching system
  • Added: New 'Game' option to turn friendly fire off (Pacifist [No PvP])
  • Added: Head icon for Pacifists (No PvP)
  • Added: 5 minute delay turning off PvP (prevent abuse)
  • Added: Expected chat box behaviour, enter toggles if active/send message etc.
  • Added: Better movement/grenade reticle feedback
  • Added: Server/Client version checking to prevent server crashes
  • Fixed: Silent server crash accepting Player input while incapcitated (naaasty)
  • Fixed: Better physics reconciliation after Character/NPC ragdolled
  • Fixed: Head icon not following Character/NPC ragdoll
  • Fixed: Text out of bounds in client chat box
  • Fixed: Scroll orientation in client chat box
  • Update: Performance tweaks to client
  • Update: Memory optimizations to client
  • Update: Minimum zoom distance decreased (camera allowed closer to Character)
  • Update: Upped the character head text limit to 20 characters


zbportable.exe 70 MB
Aug 07, 2017

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