Fixes galore! Evolutionary improvements (Update 7)

After the whirlwind launch we took a week or so to wind down and catch some rays and now we are back firing on all cylinders!

We've received an astonishing amount of feedback regarding the controls, suggestions and bugs, and it became clear to us pretty quickly that without some way to track all this it'll quickly become lost. So before laying our hands on the code again we setup a Trello page to do just that.

It also became clear that we needed better integration with the and GameJolt clients - so now the game works fully with either launcher and will keep itself up to date.

Finally, Update 7 focuses on fixing some of the bugs introduced and paves the way for Update 8 which will include some exciting tweaks to the AI, more weapons, bag/stash enhancements to inventory and 'hack 'n slash' melee.

As always, you can find a breakdown of fixes for Update 7 on the maintenance channel of the games Discord.

Thanks for all the feedback and your continued support!

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Version 0.1.2 Sep 29, 2017

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