Update 1 (version 1.04)

If you downloaded the game on the first day and find that it crashes trying to update, download the portable version below and unzip the files over the old ones.

We're off with a bit of a bang, servers held up pretty well over the course of the first day but started to notice a few bugs such as the chat and respawn spam.

So off we went and patched those, came to make a patch for you guys and found that it crashed the builtin updater. Nightmare. We're just working on a new external updater, keep your eyes peeled for a link in the next day or so. 

Our bandwidth consumption was a lot lower than expected so we increased the rates by 25%, should make things noticeably smoother. Also added a few more Options and rolling 'head text' for player-to-player chatter.

Update 1 (Version 1.04)

  • Fixed: Character moving while grounded or crouched
  • Fixed: Character getting up animations
  • Fixed: Character grenade throw animations
  • Fixed: Chat spam multiplied by number of players
  • Fixed: Blank name in public messages
  • Fixed: Equipment slot shortcut keys ignored
  • Fixed: Options set in menu wouldn't take affect on game start
  • Update: Respawn messages are now private
  • Update: Tweaks to the menu message carousel
  • Update: Pushed transmission rates up 25% for smoother action
  • Added: Head text for first 10 characters of chat messages
  • Added: New 'Game' option to tweak character/item border visibility
  • Added: New 'Control' option for camera zoom sensitivity
  • Added: New 'Control' option for camera rotate sensitivity


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Aug 05, 2017

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