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Hello, played Zomebie Barricades for about 2 hours yesterday, when I got the game, and what I have to say is IT IS AWSOME! Bad news first. though. I see where your going with the LOL-ish controls of the click to move but not sure if that fits with the game. would much rather use WSAD to move the character so players could run back and shoot at the same time. Awsome game so far!! Can't wait for more updates in the future. 

Hey hey! Cheers for the great feedback. It's as if you read our minds, the next update is going to include WSAD controls :D but not sure about being able to move and shoot - part of the tension is having to stop and aim with the Zombies (and soon to be other foes) gaining on you. If you can move and fire, a lot of that tension would be removed and the game too easy do you think?

But you're right, WSAD does add a lot to the gameplay... 

We can even leave the mouse click-move stuff in, I find myself switching between the two.

OK, thats fine as long as the WSAD become controls.

I have no ideas what buttons do what or what to do with the floating plank? or the floating hammer?  A tutorial or some button control layouts would be amazing :)

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We'll do a tutorial when we're a little further along, but for now there are some instructions here

Can you make a mac version or too hard.

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There will be a mac version when we're further along but for now it's just Windows 64bit.

Not very many people game on a mac (and the hardware isn't exactly great for it) so we're better off focusing on Windows and then Linux.

I still can't play it. I play for 4 seconds and then I lose my connection......

I have the same problem as you, except it never loads.

Do you have any more information than that? 
Where does it get too?
What specs are your computer? 

You're better off using the Discord channel if you need help... Thanks!

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Are you still having problems? There was an issue causing some people to disconnect that but we patched it yesterday

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this game is awesome :D

Cant update the game 

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Is there an error message? 
Are you running 64bit Windows?
Have you tried downloading it again?

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yes I tryed to donwlad it again. not fixed

the error message is "An error ocurred while trying to downlade file"

My computer is running on Windows 10 64 bit

Hehe OK - just checking. 

Did you try downloading the game again?

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Yes I did

not fixed it

+ Windows 10 is not trusting this software

If you see a big screen that says windows isn't trusting this app click on more info then you can choose still play or something same thing happend 2 me but just click moer info

I covered Zombie Barricades in a little series I do on my channel!

Banter aside, I'm actually pretty excited to keep up with Zombie Barricades, definitely some impressive stuff for being so early off!


Thanks very much man! Believe me when I say, you ain't seen nothing yet ;)


I keep losing connection. I can't play it because of that :/

Hey there, we're working on a fix for the issue - sorry for the hassle

No problem dude, it is ONLY alpha, so like, it happens

Hey, should be a lot more stable now - completely rewritten the networky stuff

Cannot Launch Game  Comes upC:\Users\DrDoo\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Zombie Barricades\ Really confused on why can Extract does nothing when finished re laucnhing game does nothing Re-installing Twice Does nothing very confused any fixs possibly?

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Hey, browse to the folder C:\Users\DrDoo\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Zombie Barricades\ and see if there is a 'ZB Updater' file in there and run it, that should launch the game.

We're going to get it to integrate better with the app - sorry you're having troubles.

Just downloaded but got an error while trying to launch for the first time, doesnt work?

NVM, i just used the reinstall feature on the itch app and it works now? 

Hey, yeah - chances are you'll have to do that one more time before the new patcher can take care of it.

We'll have to get it integrated into the app at some point. Thanks!

I'm about to try it. It looks like a cool game. BTW does it matter what version of Windows it is? I have Windows XP.

Hey, should work on Windows XP - did it?

Sorry, it didn't, when I started it, I got one of these errors, but I don't remember which one. (if you want me to get it again, I can and I'll tell you which error.) It was either:

1. It couldn't execute the file.

2. It said in wasn't a valid Win application.

3. My screen went pink upon starting the game.

If you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Windows XP!! - sorry I thought you said Windows 7. 

It needs a 64bit OS and fairly recent hardware, a mid-spec computer 2-3 years old should run it, XP is over 10 years old now...

Just sits there and loads forever

There was probably some maintenance going on at the time, we were busy applying patches to the server over the weekend. 

Sorry about that.

It says there are two files to download, which one should we download

If you want to unzip it onto your desktop it's 'zbportable' 
If you want to install it and have icon on desktop 'zbsetup'



Little preview of the game right now. I had a lot of fun, lots of potential here.

Awesome man, thanks very much!

Can you move with arrow keys?

Not yet, soon

mine wont work help me please

Sorry you're having troubles, where are you getting to?

we all cant join servers

Should be OK now

I get disconnected when I try to join a server. Are the servers down?

yeah me too disconnected but when im finally that join then i walk like lag and do not always work that walk :/

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Hey guys, servers got hit pretty hard plus there were a few issues with them that needed to be patched out in the background.

It's 4am here now and we think we sorted it, should be normalizing soon if they haven't already. Thanks!

i can't registre becuse it says my email is blacklisted and by far as i know its not. idk if im missing something or it is a bug. 

Hey, sorry to hear that you're having trouble :(

What domain does your email address use? is it or for example?

i use

OK, yeah it looks like a bug - gimme a second and i'll sort it...

okay thanks

Should be sorted now.

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and it works 

thanks again 

havent played the game yet cuz of server maintenance but i really like the graphics and ragdolls

how did i know if i havnt played it yet? :O

Haha that's scary - have you got a time machine?

Server maintenance is finished now, but you'll need to redownload it to play because the patcher broke. :( good job it's only 70 mb :D

Seems pretty cool I guess. Just hate seeing these bought assets in multiple games though.

Hey thanks, I know what you mean - but they make a good starting point. 

If the game takes off we'll likely have custom stuff made, we are a coder heavy team at the minute.

Oh okay, that makes sense.

you could use WASD for controlling the player  icon

Hey, yeah we'll be adding that along with joypad support. Thanks!